MMA Fighters LaVoy and Maloy Suspended – Both Issue Statements

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 10:34am EDT

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Sarah Maloy (left) and Amanda LaVoy (right)

Confusion still reigns over why the match between Amanda LaVoy and Sarah Maloy didn’t happen Saturday night at the Freestyle Cage Fighting event this past Saturday. The only thing that is known is that there was confusion over how long the bout would be scheduled for, and that LaVoy never entered the cage. Since the contracted match never happened, the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has suspended both the fighters pending a hearing.

Both LaVoy and Maloy have issued official statements through social media.

LaVoy stated that the contract was signed for three 5 minute rounds and that Maloy had pulled out of the fight. She posted a Youtube video to explain her side of the situation.


Maloy’s management claimed on Facebook that Maloy was willing to compromise on the five minutes rounds and LaVoy was the one who pulled out.

“Amanda wanted the 5 minute rounds,” Maloy’s manager stated. “SARAH WAS GOOD with that. But Lavoy somehow continued a rant/rave. When it was time for the fighters to come out Lavoy NO SHOWED!”

MMA fighter Sarah Goodlaxson also has a reasonable explanation of the situation.

“Here’s the discrepancy: FCF has, for a very long time, run 3x3min rounds,” Goodlaxson accessed. “ The problem is not with Sarah Maloy herself, but with an unfortunate misunderstanding through the promotion.”

No word on when the hearing with the OSAC will take place.

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