Complete Line-up for Blackeye Promotions “Breast Cancer Beatdown” Card Saturday

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 7:40pm EDT

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This week features one of the most stacked women’s MMA cards in the history of the sport, as Blackeye Promotions presents “Breast Cancer Beatdown” this Saturday in Ashville, NC and live on GoFightLive.tv.

The main event will feature Unified ranks fighters Roxanne Modafferi and Barb Honchak, with six other pro women’s macthes. They will also feature a solid four male pro fights and 7 amateur fights. Besides the recent change of Ashley Sanchez to Leslie Smith in the 145 pound match-up, Heather Clark has dropped off the card and Sarah Schneider and Ivana Coleman have been paired together.

Also in attendance will be former Strikeforce fighters Marloes Coenen & Elaina Maxwell; Strikeforce fight Sarah D’Aleilo, and fighting twins Jocelyn & Jillian Lybarger.


  • Roxanne Modaferri v. Barb Honchack 125 lbs.
  • Charmaine Tweet v. Anna Barone 155 lbs.
  • Leslie Smith v. Ediane Gomes 145 lbs.
  • Chelsea Colarelli  v. Patricia Vidonic 120 lbs.
  • Ashley Cummins v. Angelica Brotherton 115 lbs.
  • Sarah Schneider v. Ivana Coleman 120 lbs.
  • Amy Davis v. Meghan Wright 105 lbs.

Amateur WMMA

  • Ashley Greenway v. Danaea Makemson 115 lbs.


  • Johnny Buck v. Joe Heink
  • Matt Tran v. Jason Cortez
  • Vincent Alberico v. Sky Rudloe
  • Allen Greenway v. Tommy Jones

Amateur MMA

  • William Bratz v. Dudley Spence
  • Kodey Gulley v. Nate McCall
  • Leonardo Perez v. Daniel Duge
  • Ryan Conn v. Jason Faglier
  • Doug Bishop v. Dustin Messer
  • Malford Jeter v. Alex Ellis

“Breast Cancer Beatdown” will emanate from WNC AG Center in Fletcher, NC, just south of Ashville Oct. 1. The Gates open at 6:00pm and Fights start at 7:00pm.

For those not in the area, you can watch the live stream on GoFighgtLive.tv starting at 7 p.m. eastern.

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