Marloes Coenen Says, “More Women Should Discover MMA”

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Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 6:41am EDT

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Photo Courtesy Ester Lin/Strikeforce

There has been no bigger hype filled female match under the Zuffa banner than the fight between Strikeforce champion Marloes Coenen and challenger #5 ranked Miesha Tate. Although Tate has been vocal about the fight, it was only this week that Coenen started to share her opinions of the title match Saturday in Chicago.

She took some time to talk to Wombat Sports.

“My camp started 2 months ago and I cannot wait to get in the cage!” Conenen told us. “We have worked a lot on what went wrong (during the Liz Carmouche match in March) and feel confident right now.”

The Strikeforce card Saturday will also see fellow 135 pounders #9 ranked Julie Kedzie and #7 ranked Alexis Davis going head to head. With #2 ranked Sarah Kaufman winning this past week over former title challenger Liz Carmouche, Coenen welcomes the ever expanding 135 pound division in Strikeforce.

“The more the merrier!” Coenen stated. “More women should ‘discover’ MMA. It’ll help them in life; feeling stringer and more confident. That’ll help in all aspects of life. We need as much as diversity as possible in MMA to attrack a large audience. And the 135lbs division gets the most attention right now..so therefor it’s good that these girls enter.”

In the past two wins by Coenen, she was on her back and was able to get submissions. With Tate’s background in wrestling, it looks like Coenen could find herself in the same position. Although being a bottom maybe a disadvantage when it comes to judges scoring, Coenen won’t let that detour her.

“I never let it go to the scorecards. I am prepared well..it’ll be a good fight for me and the audience.”

“(Thanks to) Zuffa and Strikeforce giving us the chance to co-main event at the first big card since the takeover; Miesha and I will prove that we can kick ass!”

Coenen will be in the U.S. more often as her home gym of Golden Glory will be opening it’s first U.S. dojo in Costa Mesa, CA. Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson is live on Showtime Sunday.

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