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Friday, February 11, 2011 at 12:08am EST

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The story of the Canada Women’s National Team’s conflict with the Canadian Soccer Association is as layered as it is intriguing. The issue has made headlines in the Canadian media in recent days and rightfully so. The players’ multi-folded issue with the CSA has been covered extensively in the press. Here’s a spate of recent headlines in chronological order.


Monday, February 7th

The excellent English CBC commentator Nigel Reed shared his thoughts immediately after news of Morace’s departure came to to the fore. Reed describes the effect Morace has had on the CanWNT and sees a bit of Clough and Mourinho in the “driven, passionate Italian”.


Tuesday, February 8th

The CBC was one of the first news outlets that shed light on the compensation issue that underpinned the entire story. John Molinaro reported that the team had obtained legal representation (on a pro bono basis) to help resolve the dispute over compensation with the CSA. Another significant point in Molinaro’s report is the fact that the boycott is tied directly to the CSA’s conflict with Morace and the players would end the boycott if the CSA can resolve the issue with Morace.

The Toronto Star had this brief editorial about the CSA’s lack of vision in women’s soccer, or soccer at all.

CanWNT player Carmelina Moscato was a guest in an audio interview with the CBC.


Wednesday, February 9th

The Toronto Star reported the CSA stepped in with a cash offer after news of the boycott was released. The team will reportedly continue its boycott, however, until the issue over Morace’s position is resolved.

The National Post - one of two of Canada’s national newspapers – posted an article featuring several quotes from CSA General Secretary Peter Montopoli. The piece states that the CSA is trying to reach out to Morace to deter her from resigning. The article also says the CanWNT tabled an offer regarding multi-year compensation back on February 2009 but the CSA did not respond to it in “a timely fashion”.

Canada’s other national newspaper The Globe and Mail had an illuminating article about the lack of financial support the players have received in the past 10 years. The piece goes into detail about the difference the men’s and women’s teams receive and offers some revealing – and sad – quotes from Kara Lang. Also check out the comments.

TSN also reported on the new offer that had been tendered to the players and Peter Montopoli sounds optimistic that each side will settle both issues. Montopoli also says the current situation should not affect the country’s bid for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The latest episode of the Cross Conference podcast featured CanWNT supporter Ingrid Green and delves into the issues from a fan’s perspective.

Our Game Magazine had an article with some insight from player and OGM contributor Carmelina Moscato. Moscato explains why the CSA’s latest offer should have come a decade ago and that Morace doesn’t have control over the CanWNT budget.


Thursday, February 10th

On the latest episode of The Equalizer pod, Richard and Jeff welcome CBC senior writer John Molinaro who gives an overview of the issue with an inside view.

The Globe and Mail has a video interview with Carmelina Moscato and attorney Jim Bunting.

Moscato and Bunting also appeared in an interview for an Edmonton TV station.

The Province gives an overview of the most recent developments and states that the CSA were ready to give the players a new offer “before the players delivered their ultimatum on Monday”.

The Globe and Mail just posted an editorial about the sacrifice the CanWNT players have made and the compensation they should get in a non-mainstream sport.


Feel free to post more new articles pertaining to the issue in the comments.

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