Bring on 2011, WPS!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 11:48am EST

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So it seems WPS will live another day, err season.

The Marietta Daily Journal and Jeff Kassouf are reporting that the Washington Freedom has secured a new investor at the 11th hour, thereby ensuring a 2011 season. The league has also released a statement covering the basics.

As the San Jose Mercury News reported this morning, FC Gold Pride has folded.

The Chicago Red Stars, however, remain in limbo. The team has been granted a 30-day extension to find additional investment.

Meanwhile, business will continue as usual, if there is such a thing as ‘usual’. Free agency will begin Wednesday night. Western New York will have a kind of small-scale Expansion Draft today in which they will be able to select up to six players from the list of unprotected players released October 20. The results of the Draft will be published later this week. (Ji So-Yun! Johanna Rasmussen! Ji So-Yun! Johanna Rasmussen!) 

Chicago will not be allowed to partake in free agency until the team’s ownership situation is squared away. This could put the team behind the eight ball for next season.  

Perhaps the biggest question (other than whether or not the Red Stars will exist after December 16 and if Marta is actually good for WPS) is what will happen to former FC Gold Pride players. Will the players be entered into free agency or will there be an L.A. Sol-like Dispersal Draft? Details should emerge sometime this week, if not today. The FCGP players will indeed be entered into free agency.


Although WPS will be losing its third team in 11 months, the fact that at least six others have committed to 2011 is excellent news. The league dodged one hell of a bullet here. I say we all write ‘Thank You’ notes to the Freedom’s new mystery owner.


It’s also important to pay our respects to FC Gold Pride. It’s hard to say what was more remarkable about the 2010 WPS Champions: the team’s worst-to-first turnaround, its swashbuckling soccer, the way its personnel deftly built one of the best squads women’s soccer has ever seen, or perhaps the formation Albertin Montoya crafted and stuck with. (Kelley and Ali’s Corner should probably be mentioned too.)

It was certainly a privilege to watch FCGP absolutely dominate the competition in 2010 with attractive and attacking soccer. 

At least they go out on top.

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