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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 1:05pm EDT

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With preseason winding down and the regular season well on its way, here’s a team-by-team rundown of preseason results including goal scorers. It’s difficult to put a whole lot of stock into preseason results, especially when the bulk of the opposition was collegiate teams and many National Team players were missing due to the WNT v. Mexico friendlies.

Note: Team covered is featured first, regardless of home or away status

Atlanta Beat:

March 10 ATL v. Auburn 3-2

March 19 ATL v. U-20 WNT 2-0 (Bachman 2)

March 21 ATL v. Univ. of Florida 6-0 (Ocampo, Mundy, Hanks, Cinalli, Hanks, Thompson)

March 23 ATL v. Breakers 2-1 (Ocampu, Yamaguchi)

March 25 ATL v. Florida State University 2-1

March 28 ATL v. University of North Carolina 5-0 (Mundy, Yamaguchi, Zerboni, Larkin, Yamaguchi)

April 3 ATL v. Saint Louis Athletica in Tulsa TBD

Boston Breakers:

March 10 Breakers v. Boston College 0-0

March 17 Breakers v. U-20 WNT 2-3 (Fabiana, Lilly)

March 22 Breakers v. SBFC 0-2

March 23 Breakers v. ATL 1-2 (Zimmeck)

March 27 Breakers v. University of Florida 3-0 (del Rio with ast from Weimer, Igwe with ast from del Rio, DiMartino with ast from Zimmeck)

FC Gold Pride:

March 14 FCGP v. TEPCO Mareeze 4-1 (Abily with ast from Milbrett, Sinclair, Abily with ast from Bosio,  Tantillo with ast from O’Hara)

March 26 FCGP v. Univ. of San Francisco 10-0 (Sinclair with ast from Milbrett, Sinclair with ast from Bosio, Yokers with ast from Marta, Milbrett with ast from Sinclair, Millbrett PK, Yokers, Wilson with ast from Yokers, Edwards with ast from Fountain, Yokers with ast from Wilson, Dew with ast from Bosio)

Philadelphia Independence:

March 21 Indie’s v. Univ. of North Carolina 3-0 (Patterson, Maruyama, Lohmann)

March 27 Indie’s v. Freedom 0-0

April 1 Indie’s v. Penn State University TBD

Chicago Red Stars:

 March 12 CRS v. Freedom 1-2 (Masar)

March 17 CRS v. University of South Florida 2-0 (Cristiane, Masar)

March 24 CRS v. Notre Dame 1-0 (Sitch)

Sky Blue FC:

March 18 SBFC v. Florida State University4-0 (Kai, Kai, Rosana, Kalmari)

March 26 SBFC v. Rutgers University 3-0 (Kai, Kai, Dallstream)

Saint Louis Athletica:

March 15 SLA v. University of Illinois 4-0 (Larsen, Aluko, Edlund, Boxx)

Washington Freedom:

March 15 Washington Freedom v. Chicago Red Stars 2-1 (Huffman, De Vanna)

March 27 Washington Freedom v. Philadelphia Independence 0-0

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