GRO partners with X Games for Girl’s Day

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 1:04pm EDT

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It’s that time again. For the eighth consecutive year, the summer X Games are coming to Los Angeles. And gro is back to celebrate all the girls – groms & pros alike – who love action sports. Here are all the details.

Los Angeles, California (July 22, 2011) – Girls Riders Organization is excited to announce the return to X Games to continue growing girls through Girl’s Day.  Ending the two month GRO Experience Tour that traveled from New York To Los Angeles, X Games is a chance to celebrate all the female athletes and the inspiration of all those to come.  X Games and GRO have come together to dedicate a day to the love of the females in action sports.

Friday July 29th will mark Girl’sDay for X Games Seventeen.  On that day, girls can interact with action sports from watching the girls street skateboard contest and BMX demos, learn to ride skate or BMX with GRO Riders, get autographs with females from all three sports and more.  The first 250 girls under 18 to visit the GRO Booth with Team ESPN will get a free gift bag, courtesy of all the Girl’s Day sponsors.

Nina Buitrago, Angie Marino, Mini Park, Alysha Bergado, Rachel Reinhard, Vicki Golden, Maria Forsberg, Ashley Fiolek, Livia Lancelot and Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones are just a few of the top athletes that will be taking part in Girl’s Day.

Females of all ages are encouraged to participate.  Those under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign up and skate shoes or tennis shoes are required to learn.

“With the recent activity in removal and addition of female competitions this year, it is more important than ever to be there for the girls attending X Games and create a female voice to be heard by X Games and ESPN.  Girls in action sports are here and growing.” Says Courtney Payne Taylor, the organizations founder.

Once inside X Games, all of the activities are free to participate, but donations are welcome to keep the GRO programs going for the future.   For a complete list of GRO Events across the country and more information, visit www.girlsriders.org.

About Girls Riders Organization

Girls Riders Organization (GRO) is a nonprofit group launched in 2006 on a mission to inspire, educate and support girls through action sports and active arts.  Traveling the country bringing nonexclusive events and opportunities designed for females by females to more girls coast to coast to anyone.  All girls, all ages and all skill levels are encouraged to participate.  GRO strives to make skateboarding more accessible, providing equipment, experienced instructors and a safe and positive environment.  Then through our ongoing network of support, we are building membership based Local GRO Crews to further community involvement and provide well-rounded opportunities all year long.

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Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
gro is returning yet again to X Games with Demos, Workshops, Athlete Signings and more at Summer X Games! Come all females to LA, rally around the riders, learn to ride, and learn much more at the gro Booth! We are also currently advocating for Girls BMX Park to be added to the contests of X Games.

Thursday July 28th
gro At X Fest – 11:00a – 7:00p

Friday July 29th – Girls Day

X Games dedicates Girls’ Day to the women of action sports through special programming surrounding the action sports lifestyle in the areas of music, BMX Freestyle, Moto X and Skateboard. Join us for Girls’ Day on Friday, July 29th for clinics taught by professional female athletes, autograph signings with female athletes and gift bags for early attendees.
gro At X Fest – 11:00a – 7:00p
Autograph Session – 12:00 – 12:30p
Olympic hurdler, Lolo Jones
BMX Athlete Signing – 1:00p – 1:30p
Angie Marino, Nina Buitrago, Mini Park, Peta Shepard and Camila Harambour
X Games Women’s Skateboard Street Finals – 2:30p – 3:30p
gro BMX Clinic – BMX Park – 3:30p – 4:00p
Skate Athlete Signing – 4:00p – 4:30p
Rachel Reinhard, Candy Jacobs, Alysha Bergado, Justyce Tabor
gro Skate Clinic – Interactive SkatePark – 4:30p – 5:00p
Moto Athlete Signing – 4:30P – 5:00p
Vicki Golden, Maria Forsberg, Ashley Fiolek and Livia Lancelot

Saturday July 30th
gro At X Fest – 11:00a – 7:00p
Moto X Racing Women’s – 6:00 – 7:00p

Sunday July 31st
gro At X Fest – 11:00a – 7:00p
gro BMX Clinic – BMX Park – 3:30p – 4:00p
gro Skate Clinic – Interactive SkatePark – 4:30p – 5:00p
Moto X Enduro Women’s Final – 7:30 – 8:00p

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