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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 9:01am EST

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Please welcome guest blogger and GoGameFace newcomer SHELLY MARIE JOHNSON (not her real middle name), and savor her Top 10 Observations about the game and all of the spectacular-spectacular that was this year's Super Bowl (2013).

Drum. Roll. Please. 
  1. Jennifer Hudson killed it. Someone should go back in time to Idol '04 and put a tranq dart in the judges' necks for not inventing the "save" earlier in the Idol process.  How she has overcome personal tragedy, much like the children in Newton, is inspiring also and was such a great match-up for the first song. 
  2. Alicia, however, was a bit of a let down. I LOVED that she played the piano. I LOVED her dress. I LOVED LOVED LOVED her hair. Which is why I am so said that I just LIKED her performance.
  3. Coin toss was crap, I had money on tails.
  4. First half was a sleeper, both the game (the Baltimores rolling is good for team purple, but bad for public viewing and engagement; although the fake kick was great and I will get to that later), and the commercials (save for the Taco Bell one - - old people, shenanigans, FUNNY).
  5. (#5-7 go together) Then it happened, a train wreck of awesomeness that started with Bey (aka Bane from The Dark Knight, see attached), then D's Child, then the blackout, then one of the most interesting 3rd and 4th quarters in football.
  6. Also included in there was a kaleidoscope of commercials that pulled at your heart strings, one after another.  Oprah for Jeep and war veterans. Tear.  Paul Harvey and Dodge supporting the Farmers. Sniff.  Bud and his best-friend Clydesdale.  SOBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
  7. It literally was the most fantastical second half in sports watching that I can remember since Pey Pey led his Broncos on a 35pt rebound (see how I mixed sports terms there?) to crush the San Diegos earlier this year.
  8. This game produced two football play calls that I haven't seen in years, or maybe even ever: the fake field goal (BY THE ROOKIE KICKER!) and the decision to take the safety to run out the clock and win it.  I think both of these plays should be used more to mix up the final scores, and it just goes to prove that the older brother is smarter, more interesting and thus, my favorite. Everyone has a favorite, even their mother.
  9. Speaking of brothers, is Jim seriously the most pain in the a$$ little brother you could ever imagine?  He looked like a black and red leprechaun on the side lines throwing down his hat, flailing his arms about, and shouting about his stolen pot o' 49ers gold.  He all but started stomping on his bed while refusing to eat dinner.  Growing up with that lil twirp must have been annoying!  PS, did anyone see him not really even congratulating his brother after he won, while John was clearly caught on film saying "I love you"?  I hope Jim gets mauled by a Clydesdale on the way home that grinch.
  10. Speaking of getting caught on camera… Flacco lets loose the F-Bomb.  Awesome.
  11. BONUS! (mostly because #7 wasn't really about last night)  And finally, the reason why last night was so awesome: We never have to listen to Ray Lewis again.


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