Knight answers fans questions at the 2010 Rugby World Cup

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Friday, September 10, 2010 at 4:24pm EDT

Phaidra Knight of New York, NY blogs about her experiences as a professional rugby player (USA Rugby) and media spokesperson.

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During the 2010 Rugby World Cup earlier this month, fans reached out to the World Cup participants with questions on various themes.   Here are a few questions and answers from an interview with Phaidra Knight.   Check out the video of the interview at the following link:


Helen Buteme: Who is your favourite person to play with?

Phaidra Knight: At the risk of getting attacked later, I enjoy playing with my 25 teammates. Any team I step on the field with I make it a great experience. If I had to single out some player, same position, probably Kelly McMahon is one of my favourite teammates – we played at the last World Cup together in 2006. But having had the opportunity to play with players from the US and all over the world I have to say any teammate I step on the field with is a teammate I love.

Liz Hamilton: Who has been your toughest opponents so far at this year’s Women’s Rugby World Cup?

Phaidra Knight: Our toughest opponent has probably been ourselves. If we look at it from a different perspective I would probably say England. They handed us a loss, Ireland handed our first loss but we were able to prevail against them in our second match with them. So probably here, if we had to look at another team, England, but a bigger picture, we our probably our biggest opponent if you will.

Erin Morton: What is your favourite food and what do you like to eat before a match? ‘s Rugby World Cup?

Phaidra Knight: I have a few, I love sushi and I love good sushi. My food before a match is pretty simple, I like a nice large green spinach salad and chicken, grilled chicken.

Mark Brown: What can be done to help further promote the women’s game and would you like to see a Women’s Sevens World Series run parallel to the current circuit?

Phaidra Knight: Yes I would like to see the women’s game run parallel; I think it has to happen. Things that can promote women’s rugby I think is exposing it on mass media, people need to know about it. I know it is the most spectacular sport in the world and once people are made aware of that it will become academic.

Brittany Richter: How can someone play for their country, if they currently play for their club?

Phaidra Knight: The best advice is to work twice as hard as you are now. You can never do enough to train and you always have to be ahead of the game. You have to train twice as hard, you have to study the game twice as hard, and everything you do you have to double and that is at a minimum. Work hard but also stay positive and put out good energy because that is when the good stuff comes back to you and those opportunities come your way.

Will Fewkes: Who are your sporting idols?

Phaidra Knight: My sporting idols are essentially all rugby players. Every rugby player that steps on the field that goes to battle is an idol for me. I don’t like singling out people because I am always amazed at another person the next day. But everyone here, every woman at this World Cup is an idol to me because they have sacrificed or made a choice if you will to be here, to put everything else on hold and that is a huge sacrifice as we all know.

Giles Cowan: If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why?

Phaidra Knight: If I could be one superhero it would be the Incredible Hulk. Number one the monstrosity of the man is beyond belief, I believe in getting there and making a huge impact really quickly and just by looking at this guy he immediately demands respect. As an idol for kids he always does right, he tries to make wrong, right, and that is a great role model for the world. In terms of playing rugby, he is the most powerful being there and no one is going to be able to tackle him and no one is going to be able to catch him.

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