Mailbag: Who's that other guy with Dick and Adia?

posted by Jayda Evans: Womens Hoops Blog
Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 11:44pm EDT

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Newell.jpgAside from still hearing Storm broadcaster Dick Fain talk over commercial breaks, Round 2 of the organization's broadcast with First Team Media handling the production was much better. The telecast even had a better High-Def feed (I'm told).

LiveAccess is another story and I'll have more on both later. But now that you could actually see the broadcast, many wondered who that other guy was with Fain and color analyst Adia Barnes, who helped Seattle win its 2004 championship. A reader on Twitter even pointed out that Barnes and Fain didn't need help.

It's odd the production team didn't inform you of face because I remember ESPN running NCAA credentials underneath shots of Olympian Kara Lawson throughout the tournament and thought, "Wow. People don't know she's a credible source to talk about the game?"

Anyway, the mystery man is Tom Newell, a former Sonics assistant coach from 1986-1990. He helped coach players like Tom Chambers (a regular at Storm games), Nate McMillan, Michael Cage, and Avery Johnson.

Newell (pictured right by Inside SoCal) also had a short stint coaching with the defunct Portland Fire and really made his name coaching youth ball overseas in Japan. His father also may be familiar to most of you, Pete Newell, who led San Francisco to a 1949 NIT title and won four consecutive Pac-8 titles with California, leading the Golden Bears to the 1959 NCAA title. In 1960, Pete Newell coached Team USA to Olympic gold. He died in November 2008.

Tom Newell told me at the debut he was permanent, but I know Storm TV has a lot of plans for the future, so things could shift. He's also a former longtime NBA scout, too, so my guess is the Xs and Os knowledge is why he's being brought onboard. What do you think?

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