Storm Exit Interviews: The word from Katie Smith

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 4:13pm EDT

Jayda Evans covers college and pro women's basketball. While its her first year on the Washington beat, she has covered the Storm since its inception. She'll offer observations, critiques, occasional off-beat tales and answers to select e-mail inquires. Evans also has written a book on the Storm and women's hoops, called "Game On!"

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KatieSmith12.jpgSeries note: The Storm conducted exit interviews on Thursday, giving me the opportunity to ask players everything from views on their season to fashion and hair tips. I'll post conversations from each in the upcoming days. Centers Ewelina Kobryn (Poland) and Ann Wauters (Belgium) won't be featured due to their quick return home. Here's a conversation with wing Katie Smith, a two-time WNBA champion who had a better season with the Storm in 2012. She averaged 6.7 points and 2.7 rebounds and was moved into the starting lineup after a year on the bench.

Q: You're still finishing school this offseason, right?
Katie Smith: School (master's in dietetics) has been kinda going on anyways. I'll get back in it on Tuesday (Oct. 9). We've started our supervised practice rotations -- it's more of an internship. My first rotation is WIC -- Women, Infants,and Children -- in downtown Columbus. You go out in the community and you do that, then we'll do a food-service rotation and a long-term care rotation. Then a clinical rotation. We'll get our hours in and see how it applies to the real world after you've been in the classroom for a year.

Q: So, with WIC, what will you actually do? Is it a person-to-person experience?
Smith: There's an RD (registered dietician) already there who I'll go and basically follow/work with. It's basically like your residency with medical school. You're going and working with them and asking questions. They might ask you to do stuff and use you. You might volunteer, you might be hands-on. I don't know how it's all going to pan out, but your preceptor...it's nerve-racking. It'll keep you on your toes. It's going to be challenging. But it's going to be nice to see real life. What you like and what you may want to get into when it's all over. So, I'm excited/really kind of nervous about it.

Q: Going forward with WNBA play, I know you like to sign one-year deals, will that be the case next year?
Smith: Right now, I'd like to play. That's my mindset right now, I want to play next summer. We'll see how it pans out, where I'll be, who wants me and all of that. But, yeah, right now I feel pretty good. I still feel like I can help a team out.


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