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Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 12:49pm EST

The goal of …Because I Played Sports is to bring a voice to women’s sports online. As former athletes, we promise to do what we can to bring as much as we can to achieve gender equality in editorial coverage of contemporary female athletics. We’re here to vocalize what many sports editors are ignorantly missing… females.

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Intro: Welcome to the very first Women Talk Sports (WTS) Blogderby, Round 1.

Every few weeks, we will “pass the torch” to a different blogger in our community who will be responsible for rounding up the best blog posts about women’s sports.

If you’re interested in accepting the torch someday, contact us and we’ll put you on the schedule. Jane from Pretty Tough will be posting Round 2 of the Blogderby on Saturday, March 7. Archives of the Blogderby will be located at Women Talk Sports. Thanks, and go female athletes!

In women’s basketball news, we learned that Lisa Leslie is now retiring form the WNBA. Lyndsey D’Arcangelo from B5 Media’s Girls Dig Sports reports on the story. Certainly sad to see her go.

ESPN columnist Mechelle Voepel discussed (on her personal blog) how Iowa State’s “super fan” Wild Bill Yungclas has decided to retire. Her perspective on super fans is quite unique - as she mentioned she’s a reporter - someone who doesn’t have the “emotional investment” in teams.

In tennis news, Ken from After Atlanta discusses Shaheer Peer’s denial into the United Arab Emirates to play a tournament. Peer was supposed to play in Dubai at the Barclay’s Dubai Championships, but the UAE would not grant Peer, who is Israeli, a visa. Will be interesting to see how this develops. Women Who Serve also wrote about this issue.

Track Mom posted about how Angela Williams has become a youth track & field icon.

Nolachick from Chicks In The Huddle gives us a little reminder of who they are - true fans of the game of football.

Soccer fan Jennifer Doyle at From a Left Wing recently discussed some research behind finding a balance between runner’s high and overtraining syndrome, a form of athletic depression.

Erin Buzuvis from the Title IX Blog discussed an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education which suggests there will be increased Title IX reinforcement under the Obama Aministration. Would be great to see that happen!

Gamechangers launched a “Beat the BS” video. Gretchen from Girls Can’t What calls it a “fantastic promotional video.”

Similarly, Rob Mars from the Athletic Women Blog said “Sometimes the best way to demonstrate the absurdity of a baseless viewpoint is to give it an unfiltered airing, a tactic used here to great advantage.”

Apryl Delancey at Women Like Sports also posted the video with little commentary, but it looks like she’s supportive. I have a different point of view about this video (I think it just reinforces what everybody already knows). But props to Nike and Ashoka for reaching out to the blogosphere community! (below is the video)

Talking about a different campaign - Jane from Pretty Tough tells us how we can star in Adidas new “Me, Myself” campaign, which seeks to find the “new face” of Adidas.

Chris Grant from Jetty Girl took five minutes to interview Tammy-Lee Smith, the surfing professional from South Africa. We learned that her “perfect day” is one where she’s surfing in her hometown, followed up by “flow riding session and skate sessions.”

Char from Sports Girls Play posted a video of Alicia Sacramone interviewing Dwyane Wade, Jordin Sparks, hip hop star Common and Alonzo Mourning in conjunction with the NBA All Star weekend and Gatorade’s Quest for G. Interesting to see how Alicia is making a name for herself outside of being an incredible Olympic gymnast (and knocking guys out at parties).

Ann Gaffigan at Steeple Chics discussed whether there will be gender equality at the 2012 Olympics in London. As a finalist in the Olympic qualifiers for the steeplechase, Ann has the authority to say, “[There are] 40 more events are offered for the men than the women at the Olympics? That’s 120 medals the women are not allowed to chase.”

Black Tennis Pros posted a great interview between tennis star Ahsha Rolle and USTA.com. We learned that her role models growing up were Serena and Venus Williams, as well as Lori McNeil.

Lara from Running in the Bike Lane discussed how caffeine can help post workout recovery. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could down a cup of coffee after running 3 miles.

Helen at the Women’s Hoops Blog announced that the high school women’s basketball McDonald’s All Americans have been announced. Unsurprisingly, Brittney Griner, the high school dunking phenom, will represent the East.

Marie Hardin from Sports, Media and Society discusses how Alex Rodriguez called Selena Roberts “this lady” throughout an interview with Peter Gammons on ESPN. Hardin said he was “lobbed slow-pitch softballs instead of probing questions.”

Sara from Rock Climber Girl discussed trading injury rehab and treatment tips with fellow climbing blogger friends, including Tom, Narc, and Jon.

Patricia from Right Fielders wrote about Sarah Blewden, a former model turned amateur boxer in Great Britain.

Pat Griffin from the LGBT Sport Blog wrote about how Brooke Heike, a former basketball player at Central Michigan State University, has filed a lawsuit against CMU coach Sue Guevara for benching her and revoking her scholarship because she wore make up and because she was not a lesbian. Griffin said these allegations are “wildly improbable” because lesbian coaches do not want to call attention to their sexual orientation, as they’re afraid they will be targeted by negative recruiting.

Drag racer Erica at Horsepower & Heels discusses the significance behind signature Black & Pink racecar paint jobs.

Kim from Total Female Hockey wrote about why it’s important for girls to play multiple sports.

Hanne Lyngstad recently switched her blog, I Run Therefore I Blog, to English and wrote about sports bras.

Sheila Weaver from She Loves Sports talks about why fewer women are coaching in sports.

If you’re interested in accepting the Blogderby torch someday, contact us and we’ll put you on the schedule. Jane from Pretty Tough will be posting Round 2 of the Blogderby on Saturday, March 7. Archives of the Blogderby will be located at Women Talk Sports.

Also, if you’re a women’s sports blogger and would like to join the WTS community, please contact us.

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