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Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 6:07pm EDT

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Back in July, PUMA brought a pop-up concept to NYC in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In addition to a retail space which offered replica jerseys and other soccer apparel, the “experience” included a beer garden where fans could kick back, socialize and watch the games.

This time around, the brand is "socializing" on the West Coast. The PUMA Social Club LA is a 6,500 square foot venue located in the Sunset Towers on Sunset Boulevard (until October 28th). It is a both a pop-up retail shop and nightlife venue meant to pay homage to “social sports” such as darts, pool, foosball, bowling and table tennis.

With this new space, the sports-lifestyle company salutes competitive moments off-the- field. "We [PUMA] applaud the champions of late night games, from ping pong to foosball to phone numbers, and we wholeheartedly encourage the 5 a.m. cab over the 5 a.m. run."

At night, the PUMA Social Club LA hosts a wide variety of eclectic programming featuring “social sport” events, music, lounging and spending time with friends. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy foosball, video games and table tennis matches in a space that is characterized by neon lights, plush, hip furniture and even chalkboard walls. 




And of course the pop-up features a full range of PUMA gear. A Pro Shop by LASC is open from noon to 5 p.m. and sells items ranging from the classic PUMA Track Jacket to the perfect kicks for a night on the town. Also offered are exclusive products; here are some of the PUMA Social styles you can expect to find:


Prod-555718-overview-1  Prod-555804-overview


For more on the Social Club and a full schedule of events, visit www.puma.com/social.


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