A revolution in ping pong

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 2:57pm EST

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Could a new paddle elevate the sport of ping pong from geek to chic?

The Brodmann Blades paddle has recently been featured in both Entertainment Weekly and GQ Magazine not only as a great holiday gift, but as one of the greatest innovations in the game of ping pong in more than 100 years.

Without a handle, this unique paddle works like a glove for either hand. The product is a natural extension of the hand and benefits include improved comfort, greater ball control, a faster game, more spin on the ball, and a superior backhand. With these benefits, the game is more accessible to beginners, and experts believe it will help to push the limits of the sport to a new level.

The Brodmann Blades brand is described as a company where “design meets sport” and which focuses on “consumer products that add fun, fashion and flair to everyday life.” Check out GQ magazine on stands now, for a full review of the product by Sean O’Neill, two-time table tennis Olympian.


Ping Pong? Sexy? You can't be serious. But while we’re on the topic, how about Biba Golic? This champion table tennis player from Serbia is often called “the Ana Kournikova of ping pong.” And she was just named one of the “40 Hottest Female Athletes of the Decade.”

Perhaps Biba is another factor in the resurgence of the sport? Her sponsor, Killerspin, believes so. Biba can help pump up product sales and bring pro table tennis to a broader audience in the United States. Keep an eye out for this ping pong champ.


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