College Football Roundup Week 5 – There’s No Crying In Football

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Monday, October 4, 2010 at 3:44pm EDT

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Not too many surprises this week in college football. Well, if you’re  a Florida Gators fan, you may have been surprised that your team kind of sucks. Well, at least compared with Alabama. (Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure everyone sucks that bad compared to Alabama this year. Good luck, other SEC teams.)

Here are a few of my thoughts from this weekend’s action in the NCAA:

LSU 16, Tennessee 14

So, I don’t really like either of these teams. But part of me feels bad for Tennessee, who got screwed when Lane Kiffin left. But then that part of me doesn’t feel too bad, because good riddance! Lane Kiffin is an asshole.

This game went down to the wire. LSU pulled it out when Tennessee had too many men on the field and the Tigers were allowed a redo and Steve Ridley scored with no time remaining. This caused a Tennessee player to sob on the sidelines. SOB. Not shed a few tears, he was doing the whole-body-shaking-sob thing. You know, the kind you do when say, I don’t know, a family member passes away?


Alabama 31, Florida 6

Is anyone really all that surprised with this score? I’m not. The Tide is the real deal. And Florida is not. Although, I’m pretty sure Nick Saban should think of signing Florida quarterback John Brantley as he has an affinity for throwing completed passes to crimson jerseys.


Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 24

Wisconsin isn’t as good as everyone thinks. My Arizona State Sun Devils almost beat the Badgers, in Wisconsin. So this isn’t all that surprising. Michigan State ain’t no Austin Peay. Also, way to go Spartans, to win one for your head coach Mark Dantonio, who was coaching from a hospital bed. Get well soon, coach!

Oklahoma 28, Texas 20

I wonder if Texas wishes it would have moved to the new Pac-10 now.

Oregon 52, Stanford 31

This one was a lot closer on paper. Stanford was up 21-3 in the first half. But they totally lost steam, and the better team prevailed. It was so nice to see Jim Harbaugh get all pissy on the sidelines. (I have before expressed my irrational hate for Jim Harbaugh here on this site. It has not waned.)

Washington 32, USC 31

This was a hell of a game! Well, not if you’re a Trojan. First-year Washington coach Steve Sarkisian acted like he just won the National Championship. It was a HUGE win for a rookie head coach in a football program that was once good and has since fallen. Sarkisian was actually quoted post-game as saying that Saturday’s victory was the greatest day behind the days when his two sons were born. A bit of an exaggeration? Possibly. But the Huskies hadn’t won in LA since 1996. And despite having the worst receivers ever (CATCH THE DAMN BALL, YOU FOOLS! IT IS YOUR JOB!), Jake Locker was a rockstar and pulled his team to victory. Put that kid on a team with a better line and better receivers and he’s a Heisman Trophy candidate.


So tell me, what was your highlight of Week 5 of the 2010 college football season?

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