Day 2 with Renee’ Bearss and Cowboy Couture

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 4:18pm EDT

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Renee’ Bearss’ Cowboy Couture tack line flashes everything from brindle hides to exotic stingray, with bling of every color to match. My personal favorite is her red zebra striped stingray, but 90 percent of what Renee’ makes is a customer order, so she can make you your own “favorite.” Her line lasts, too, and every product is guaranteed.

What can you say about the durability of your tack?

I use only the best quality products when building my tack, all the leather is the highest quality English bridle leather, all of the hardware is either stainless steel or solid brass, and I guarantee all my crystal work.  I have some clients that have sets from the very beginning that they are still using and they look great.  I use only the tack I build on my horses too, so I can see how it wears and fits to best serve my customers.  I believe that the fact that I am also a barrel racer and use my tack helps me to design truly user-friendly tack.

What are your favorite hides to use?

I really don’t have any favorites, they all look incredible on the right horse.

What are your favorite stones to use?

Again I don’t have any true favorites… even a stone that may appear unattractive can be beautiful in the right design.

How affordable are your products?

Our products, because they are custom built, can be very affordable, the customer truly dictates the prices with their custom choices.

What is your favorite piece to make – breast collars, headstalls, etc.?

I love the breast collars… they are like the centerpiece to a tack set.

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