2012 WFTDA Championships: Day Two – Texas, Denver, Oly, and Gotham advance

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Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 11:02am EST

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Photo by Gil Leora/Windy City/Chicago,IL2012 WFTDA Championships:  Day Two – Texas, Denver, Oly, and Gotham advance

By Ziv Kruger, reporting from Atlanta, GA

Saturday’s slew of elimination bouts started with the second upset of the tournament, and ended with by filling the final four slots in the 2012 WFTDA Championship bracket.

Day two bout 1:  Texas Rollergirls beat the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls 216-161.  In a show of masterful adjustment and historic resurgence, Texas turned the tables on Bay Area who beat them soundly only a few months ago on their home track in Austin.  There’s no question that Texas got the better of some penalty calls, but you can’t rely on the refs to win the bout for you, and Texas earned this victory by positioning themselves to win when it mattered most.

Bout 2:  Oly Rollers beat Minnesota Rollergirls 218-125.  Minnesota was ferocious in this loss, but for all their fanfare, they were simply overmatched by Oly’s stellar roster of international level blockers and jammers.

Bout 3:  Windy City loses to the Denver Roller Dolls 212-130.  The top seed from the North Central looked frustrated for most of this bout as Denver delivered powerful answers to each of Windy City’s scoring runs.  In the end, it felt like the bout was not as close as the score, and Denver earned the right to compete for a spot in the Championship bout.

Bout 4:  Gotham Girls Roller Derby beat Naptown Roller Girls 316-111.  I may have been the only person in the building who believed that Naptown could beat Gotham, and I still do.  To the untrained eye, the near 3-1 scoring ratio looks troubling, but Naptown joined an elite few who have managed triple digits against Gotham, and had they played the first twenty minutes of the bout the way they played the last forty, well, who knows?

Bout 5:  Oly Rollers beat Texas Rollergirls 224-147.  Texas started this bout swinging, but Oly swung back with a first round knock-down running the score to 73-3 before Texas managed to regroup.  Many in the roller derby community are confused by Oly’s refusal to run up the score on opponents (in Gotham style, for example), but Oly’s focus is not the margin of victory, it’s simply victory, and while nobody was looking, they once again earned an opportunity to win the trophy on Sunday.

Bout 6:  Gotham Girls Roller Derby beat the Denver Roller Dolls 221-120:  Denver is a volatile and dangerous scoring machine.  They score in buckets, but in the big games, they don’t seem to do it as consistently as past WFTDA champions have, and therein lies the issue.  Gotham answered every big scoring jam from Denver with an equal or greater scoring jam, and in between, they sprinkled 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 point jams.  Gotham is a dynasty no matter what happens on Sunday, and in this bout, they were never threatened.

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