2012 WFTDA Championships day 1: Naptown beats the odds, Denver, Bay Area, and Minnesota advance

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Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 9:53am EDT

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NaptownTeamPhoto2012 WFTDA Championships day 1:  Naptown beats the odds, Denver, Bay Area, and Minnesota advance

By Ziv Kruger, reporting from Atlanta, GA

The WFTDA championships began on Friday with four elimination bouts, and the first upset of the tournament.

Bout 1:  Friday at 2:00pm:  Denver Roller Dolls vs. Charm City (Top Bracket) – winner faces Windy City Rollers Saturday at 2:00pm.

Denver started the game hot, and things looked pretty scary for Charm City before the first ten minutes of the bout had been played.  A few mental mistakes later, and Charm City closed the gap quickly, and appeared to be competitive for the remainder of period one.  Unfortunately for Charm City, Denver came out of the locker room more focused than ever to start the second period, and seemed to be on autopilot as they coasted to a 268-141 victory, showcasing the strength of earning the West’s second seed over the East’s third seed from Baltimore.

Here are the team rosters as posted on WFTDA.com:

Denver Roller Dolls – The Mile High Club:

(2012 Season Record:  7-2 overall; 3-1 “in-region”.  Second appearance in the Championships, placed 3rd overall in 2009.  Regional Tournament history: Western Regional 2009 – 3rd ; 2010 – 6th ; 2011 – 5th ; 2012 – 2nd)

4 Jes Rivas; 5 Deirdre Sage; 9 Vicky Cruz; 19 Julie Adams; 20 Monica Carson; 24 Sandrine Rangeon; 28 Krisana Barrett; 99 co-captain: Tracy “Disco” Akers; 129 Lauren Salvador; 270 Gator Dunn; 303 co-captain: Heather Juska; 307 Shaina Serelson; 314 Sami Lester; 350 Caitlin Krause; 357 November James; 518 Juno It'll Hurt; 617 Tara Kish; 719 Amanda Sharpless; 831 S.H. Long; 1982 Ariel Quigley, Head Coach: Scott “Scott Free” Paul; Assistant Coach: “Tim “Dirt Monkey” Burns.

Charm City Roller Girls – All Stars:

(2012 Season Record – 6-3 overall; 2-2 “in-region”.  Third appearance in the Championships.  Regional Tournament History:  Eastern Regional 2008 – 4th ; 2009 – 3rd; 2010 – 3rd; 2011 – 3rd; 2012 – 3rd) 

2 O'Chit; 2AA Battery Operated; 8 Free Radical; 12 ThoroughBled; 14 Feral Kat; 26 Just Carol; 34 Lady Quebeaum; 45 Quickshot Kitty; 63 Holden Grudges; 100 Rosie the Rioter; 101 Crowella De Vil; 110 Uvetta Work; 415 Captain: Holly Gohardly; 777 Trixy Von Doom; 1001 Daizee Haze; 1618 Captain: I.M. Pain; 1968 Collene Oscopy; 2113 Slambellina; T2 Allie B. Back; Coach: Blind Banshee; Coach: Motor Patrol; Coach: Grand Theft Autum.

Bout 2:  Friday at 4:00pm:  Minnesota Rollergirls vs. KC Roller Warriors (Bottom Bracket) – winner faces Oly Rollers (of Olympia, WA) Saturday at 12:00pm.

In the second bout of the day, the former champion KCRW Roller Warriors showcased some veterans who displayed great vision and some brilliant plays.  They also brought some talented second and third year skaters who looked very comfortable on the track.  But Minnesota simply looked better, and executed more often, and routinely delivered with defensive stops, and consistent higher point production.  The result?  Minnesota advanced by beating Kansas City 244-147.

Here are the teams’ rosters as posted on WFTDA.com:

Kansas City Roller Warriors – All Stars:

(2012 Season Record:  5-5 overall; 2-0 “in region”.  *Fifth appearance in the Championships:  2007 – Champion; 2009 (did not place); 2010 (did not place); 2011 – 4th.  Regional Tournament history:  Western Region: 2007 4th; 2008 – 5th.  South Central Region:  2009 – 2nd; 2010 - Champion; 2011 – 2nd; 2012 - ; 3rd)  *While Kansas City attended the 2006 Dust Devil, and broke out of their qualifying pool, they managed only one win vs. Providence, and were subsequently eliminated by Minnesota earning 6th  overall.

5 Trauma; 10 Enigma; 11 Barbrarian; 20 Lolli Crusher; 22 Ruth Canal; 24 Bruz-Her; 26 Bella Fire; 42 Red Ripper; 44 Damsel of D'Tension; 69 Track Rat; 79 Mary Lou Wretched; 84 Tuff Noogies; 85 Black Ice; 11 Annie Maul; 314 Hypersmacktivity; 411 Ida Know Squat; 773 Chum Fiesta; 816 Jade Lightning; 913 JamaLamaDingDong; 2012 Evolution; Team Manager: Just Jim; Bench Coach: Extremely Frank

Minnesota Rollergirls – All Stars:

(2012 Season Record:  6-7-1 overall; 5-0-1 “in region”.  Fourth appearance in the Championships:  *2006 – 4th; 2010 - (did not place); 2011 - (did not place).  Eastern Regional: 2007 (did not place); 2008 - 7th; North Central Region:  2009 – 9th; 2010 – 2nd; 2011 – 2nd; 2012 – 2nd) *There were no regional tournaments in 2006, but Minnesota earned an incredibly respectable 4th overall by breaking out of their qualifying pool with an impressive 4-0 record, thus earning a “bye” in round one.  In round two, Minnesota beat Kansas City so savagely that the crowd became physically upset (although through no illegal action by Minnesota), and the team requested to be escorted to their vehicles by security fearing for their safety.  In my opinion, THAT qualifies as a “championship appearance”.  It’s no surprise that the team’s former captain (2007), Desi Cration, who subsequently joined the Texas Rollergirls and became that team’s captain in 2009, led Texas to its highest national rank since 2006 – 2nd to then new powerhouse out of the west in 2009, the Oly Rollers.  In hindsight, that bout was a squeaker!

Bout 3:  Friday at 6:00pm:  Philly Roller Girls vs. Bay Area Derby Girls (Bottom Bracket) – winner faces Texas Rollergirls Saturday at 10:00am.

Bay Area dominated the action early – and kept their foot on the gas without mercy.  At one point, they threatened to hit a three-to-one scoring ratio against the helpless and frustrated Philly Roller Girls.  But Philly refused to die, and the bout was in reach as late as 53 minutes into it.  As these types of bouts play out, the team that trails eventually runs out of clock, and the team with the lead pulls away in the closing minutes.  The final of this one was 169-119, which seems respectable.  The reality on the track was that Bay Area was never truly threatened, and Philly never really delivered the necessary stops on defense, or the dozens of points required to make this bout a contest.  With this victory, the West proved its case of dominance over the east, eliminating the third and second Eastern seeds in one afternoon.

Here are the team rosters as listed on WFTDA.com:

Bay Area Derby Girls – Golden Girls:

(2012 Season Record – 5-2 overall; 2-1 “in region”.  Third appearance in the Championships.  Regional Tournament history:  Western Regional:  2008 – 2nd; 2009 – 5th; 2010 – 3rd; 2011 – 6th; 2012 – 3rd) *While Bay Area attended the 2006 Dust Devil, and broke out of their qualifying pool, they were eliminated in round one by Carolina Rollergirls (of Raleigh-Durham, NC), and earned 9th place overall.

Philly Roller Girls - Liberty Belles:

(2012 Season Record:  9-3 overall; 5-1 “in region”.    Sixth appearance in the Championships:  2007 - (did not place); 2008 - 3rd; 2009 - (did not place); 2010 - 4th; 2011 - (did not place).  Eastern Regional:  2007 – (did not place); 2008 - 3rd; 2009 - Champion; 2010 - 2nd; 2011 - 2nd; 2012 – 2nd)

06 Castro; 8 Mo Pain; 9 Deb Seriously; 13 Duby; 29 Copper Top; 72 Gloria Grindem; 81 Eileen U. Scream; 85 Teflon Donna; 87 Goldy; 91 Alessa Evil; 100 Antidote; 247 Devoida Mercy; 305 Shenita Stretcher; 527 Heavy Flo; 609 Salenetri; 668 Olivia Face; 957 Ginger Vitis; 1818 V-Diva; 5677 Rollanya Asse; XOXO Damage Dahl.

Bout 4:  Friday at 8:00pm Atlanta Rollergirls vs. Naptown Roller Girls (Top Bracket) – winner faces Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

Atlanta, the second seed from the South-Central, created high expectations vs. the third seed from the North-Central, Naptown, with a strong performance against the highly respected Texas Rollergirls in this season’s South-Central championship bout.  (Texas beat Atlanta by only 20.)  Add to that playing in their first ever WFTDA Championships, which they are hosting, in front of a sold out house, and Atlanta looked like an easy pick to advance.  And they did not disappoint – for at least the first ten minutes of the bout, in which they dominated the Naptown skaters by earning lead jammer in the first seven jams and putting up a quick 50 points (on track for a 300 point bout), while shutting Naptown down completely – as in 50-0.

Naptown’s first points were a quick “grand slam”, but Atlanta answered with more, and it seemed like the rout was on.  And then the mental errors started, and Naptown wasted no time taking advantage of every opportunity, and even calling a smart timeout to create an additional scoring opportunity before the end of the first period.  From a coaching perspective, Naptown had all the momentum, and that should have been a huge red flag for the home team.  The second period was so different from the start of the first, that the only question hanging in the air was “how long will it take Naptown to tie?” 

Atlanta made it take longer than expected, but Naptown took the lead with time to spare, and Atlanta appeared to be out of answers.  To their credit, they came out of two timeouts with scoring jams, and prevented Naptown from running away with it, even grabbing the lead back for a few minutes as time threatened to run out.  Naptown never wavered in the clutch though.  They appeared poised and unimpressed with Atlanta’s scoring runs, and with less than two minutes on the clock, the narrow Naptown lead seemed insurmountable.  In spite of gaining control of the last jams by earning “lead jammer” status, Atlanta was unable to control Naptown’s jammer long enough to even tie the bout. 

With three seconds on the game clock, Atlanta was granted a controversial “official review” which allowed them to line up one last time and potentially alter their destiny.  They needed 7 points to tie, and 8 to advance.  The home crowd roared their approval as Atlanta earned “lead jammer” giving them control of the final jam, but once again, the Naptopwn jammer escaped the pack’s clutches and began zeroing out Atlanta’s points by scoring her own.  The final was 169-153, by far the most exciting bout of day one, an upset on paper, but not on the track.  It’s bouts like this that bring out the sports fan in all of us, and while three of the four opening bouts followed the stat sheets and the script, nobody could deny Naptown’s huge accomplishment, and the reason we play the game.

Atlanta Rollergirls – Dirty South Derby Girls:

(2012 Season Record: 11-3 overall; 5-2 “in region”.  *First appearance in the Championships.  Regional Tournament history:  South Central:  2009 – 5th; 2010 – 4th; 2011 – 4th; 2012 – 3rd)  *While Atlanta attended the 2006 “Dust Devil”, widely viewed as the first championship tournament of the modern flat-track era, they did not “break out” of their qualifying pool, and therefore did not qualify to skate any full-length bouts in that tournament.

6 Harper Lethal; 1LB The Merchant of Menace; 2LBU Queen Loseyateefa; 6 Wild Cherri; 12AM Rebel Yellow; 32 co-captain: Belle of the Brawl; 50 Jammunition; 64 Jackie O'Sassin; 73 Alassin Sane; 90 Desi Scarnaz; 99 Nora Gretz; 747 Ozzie Kamakazi; 762 Scout SnipeHer; 850 Bruze Orman; 1013 Hollicidal; 1979 The Ruffian; 8979 Captain: Switchblade Siouxsie; X13 Agent Maulder; Coach: CapnYoazz; Trainer: Insinerator; Bench Manager: Rollermonkey.

Naptown Roller Girls – Tornado Sirens:

(2012 Season Record:  9-5 overall; 1-3 “in region”.  Second appearance in the Championships:  2011 (did not place); North Central Regional:  2010 – 6th; 2011 – 3rd)

000 Ima Hurchu; 101 Trauma-lina; 105 Majestic; 121 Rachel Tension; 1942 Veronica Dodge; 2 Cereal Killer; 208 Amooze Booche; 218 Asian Sinsation; 237 Scorpiopathic; 317 Shadi Layne; 321 Katya Lookin; 4 R.I.P.tide; 43 Piper Sonic; 6ft Enya Grave; 614 G-Rocket; 69 Pushy Cat; 7 Dora the Destroyer; 76 Maiden America; 816 Kentucky Pain; N3 Blue Messiah.

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