2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament: A Presidential Bracket

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Saturday, March 17, 2012 at 1:16am EDT

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I don't know who he was cheering for during Tuesday's First Four game in Dayton, Ohio, but he sure did see a good game! (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

As the veritable Mr. President did in the previous few seasons, he's been an equal opportunist bracketologist and filled out 2012 brackets for both the men and women. On the women's side, he went with a Final Four of Baylor, St. John's, Notre Dame and Connecticut and has the Lady Bears escaping the season with an unscathed mark of 40-0 as they hoist the trophy in Denver. [watch the President make his picks on ESPN]

Obama has all four No. 1's advancing to the Elite Eight, joined by one No. 2, two No. 3's and the seventh-seeded Louisville Cardinals. SBNation's A Sea Of Blue is already eagerly anticipating the UConn/Kentucky match up having looked at the Wildcat's chances to escape the bite of the Huskies. One of his five keys to beating UConn is something that I too, find to be an interesting storyline:

#1) Samarie Walker. I am a firm believer in players who come into games with a chip on their shoulder. Having left UCONN for UK two years ago, I have a feeling that Samarie has a little something special in the tank for the Lady Huskies. UK's style of play will also heklp with that as multiple substitutions will keep Walker going in and out of the game so the UCONN cannot key on her.

Obama didn't go completely wild on the Cinderella predictions, but a few upsets can be seen dotting his page. As alluded to previously, he has Louisville racing into the Elite Eight. Other lower-seeded tournament advancers are 5- and 6-seeds St. Bonaventure, Arkansas and Rutgers all joining Lousiville in the Sweet Sixteen.

One thing that I found particularly entertaining about the White House blogs on the brackets was the category this falls into - "Additional Issues". See, Presidents can have fun too!

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