Ginger to the rescue!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 8:28pm EDT

Triathlons from a girl's perspective. I love to run and a few years ago I found myself cycling and learning how to swim. Thus, I am now an obsessed triathlete.

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I love Zombie Runner. Any time I'm in the vicinity, it's a ritual to make a pit-stop there. So post Stanford wedding on Saturday, we headed to downtown PA for a visit to the Zombie. I'd read about Ginger as a good anti-nausea and stomach soother for runners so I was hoping they'd have something for me to try.

I was presented with two options, the Gin Gin candy and the Ginger Chews. Both are good, the Gin Gin is a little hard shell candy that turns soft and chewy. The Ginger Chew is a chewy soft candy that has a little kick. I went with the chew.

After two long trail runs I admit that I am addicted. The Ginger Chew has a spicy kick to it and it works well for a little energy boost, staving off hunger and most importantly, quelling any upset stomach that might creep up during your run. I think I went through three on my first run alone. And then I found one in my purse this morning at work and couldn't resist. I've been popping Ginger Chews since Saturday and the thought occurred to me, what exactly am I eating?

Good news! They're not bad!

Ingredientscane sugar, ginger, tapioca starch.Two chews contain 40 calories, 0g fat, 0mg sodium, 10g carbohydrate and 10g sugars.Gluten Free. All Natural.

I found this by visiting the Ginger People website, manufacturers of all things ginger, including the Chews and Gin Gins. This is where I really fell head over heels. They have created a personified little Ginger Man, who is absolutely adorable.

Who could resist this guy, really?

Not only is the Ginger Man as cute as can be, the Chews come in more flavors! Flavors like Spicy Apple, Peanut and Hot Coffee. Wow. This is like heaven.

Lots of health benefits to be had here, from easing nausea in cancer treatment, aiding morning sickness, and helping with menstrual cramps.

Now even more reason to love the little pieces of joy.

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