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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 9:47am EDT

Two basketball teammates who talk about the Stanford Women's Basketball games and women's sports issues, among other things.

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So check out this cool event. You can chat live with Fever rookie (and former Stanford Women’s basketball player) Jeanette Pohlen, Wednesday, June 15 · 10:00am - 11:00am EST, which means 7 AM Stanford time, but who cares? And how did C and R find out about this cool event? Why, through Facebook, of course! WNBA has been good at using social media to bring in fans and help them feel like they are connecting more personally.

So here’s more detail from the site promoting the event:
Fever rookie Jeanette Pohlen will chat live with fans this Wednesday, June 15, at 10:15 am ET. She will be interviewed by Fever Broadcaster Chris Denari featuring your questions as it is broadcast live on FeverBasketball.com. Fans can submit their questions in three ways: 1) On FeverBasketball.com, 2) On Facebook commenting on this event, 3) On Twitter using hashtag #FeverLive.

Yes, they say 10 AM, 10:15 AM EST, make up your minds. Did you catch the three ways to submit questions? Us C and R geeks already submitted two on Facebook:

Live chat question: You went from your last college game to the WNBA draft to training camp in a hurry. What has been the some of your challenges transitioning from college student to, well, grown up!
Live chat question: Hey, you're about to play against the Tulsa Shock and your old Stanford teammate of four years, Kayla Pedersen. What was that like? And have you ever played against Kayla? Last part-did you hang out after the game?

So if you want to ask your questions, go to the website or Twitter or Facebook. Don’t have a Facebook account? (Like us three days ago?) Oh, then email them to us and we will post them for you, because that’s the kind of people we are.

Oh, BTW, Jeanette squares off against former Stanford teammate Kayla Pedersen tonight at 4 PM Stanford time. Good luck to both. (And don’t tell us the outcome, we are taping it to watch later!).See the original post at C and R's Stanford Women's Basketball Blog


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