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Friday, July 17, 2009 at 1:19pm EDT

Hi, I'm Hanne Lyngstad and I write Irunthereforeiblog to inform and teach you who are interested in training and gear. I'm a runner and I raced my first competition in '90. I've liked the individual competition a lot, and now running is my lifestyle. Through my former job at a running specialist store in Oslo, I have learned to appreciate quality gear and equipment. I have learned to distinguish between a good shoe and a not so good. I love seeking the good feelings of training, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about it!

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Have you heard about the track meet in Heusden where "everybody" runs fast and pb's are almost taken for granted? Maybe you are thinking of the track meet in Rieti in September where "everybody" runs so fast that bad rumors say the track must be too short.. Right...Flotrack.com announces Night of Athletics in Heusden for the hottest meet in Belgium!

I've been to Heusden once. Didn't run well at all. We were a group of Norwegian girls who were racing the 1500m. Same day (felt like that at least) the organizer changed the event to mile. We where put in our own national heat in the 1500m and ran way earlier than the rest of the meet. Don't think any of us ran well. 
Anyway, I know for sure I'm in the national heat and there should be some girls that are stronger than me. But I think I have to run aggressive and stay up front from the beginning. 
I'm off to the airport very soon and very excited. Whhhiiiii!

Support women's sports and SHARE this story with your friends!

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