Teen Kailey Urbaniak reviews the Pretty Tough book series

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 2:15am EDT

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One of the projects I set forth for my daughter this summer is to write book reviews for each book she reads.  She is 13 and I call her a “bookaholic”.  Kailey is a voracious reader, sometimes reading a book a day.  To begin, she read the first three books in the Pretty Tough Series  (www.prettytough.com).  Thank you to Pretty Tough for writing sports stories for girls!  My sons both read most of the Matt Christopher books, which are all aimed at boys playing team sports. It is our hope that more and more Chicks will PLAY SPORTS!

Here are Kailey's very first reviews with hopefully many more to come.

Pretty Tough The realistic story of Pretty Tough tells of two sister’s struggles with their sports, school, friends, and most of all, each other.  Sisters Charlie and Krista both share the same goal: to play on the Beachwood soccer team.  In order to win the championship and finally get the B-Dub girls soccer team on the map, the two must learn to put their differences aside and put the team first, which is evidently not as easy as it sounds.  Author Liz Tigelaar was able to capture two different girl’s opinions in one powerful book.  This book represents the kind of attitude any girl pursuing any sport has - persistence, endurance, and cooperation.  Pretty Tough is the book that you’re not going to want to put down.

Playing with the Boys In Liz Tigelaar’s strong follow up novel, Playing with the Boys, the main concept of the story rings true from cover to cover - GIRLS RULE! The new-to-Beachwood, athletic sophomore, Lucy, has a better kick than any boy or girl in the school.  After not making the cut for the soccer team, Lucy is encouraged by her coach and friends to try out for the boy’s football team. What?! In Playing with the Boys, Tigelaar manages to bring the same fun, humor and enjoyable characters as she did in her first book.  This book is very inspiring and perfect for any girl who is hesitant about following her dreams.

Head Games In Head Games, Keri Mikulski’s easy-to-relate-to third novel in the Pretty Tough series , hardcore Beachwood basketball player, Taylor Thomas has to pick up her game, and quick.  With the big competition coming up, Taylor needs to practice, but how can she with all these distractions?  Juggling boys, conflicts, practicing her catwalk for the school fashion show, and homework, Taylor is anything but prepared for possibly the most important game of her life. Sports are not always all frilly and fun and the hard work that is part of the game is clearly represented in this book. Head Games is a title any girl can enjoy and learn from.

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