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posted by Mary Wineberg: I'm Back....for my 2012 Olympic Quest
Friday, January 4, 2013 at 7:10pm EST

2008 4x400m Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Wineberg blogs about her comeback for the 2012 Olympics after having a baby girl in 2009.

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As we are in the new year 2013 I have so many goals and plans to accomplish. I am thankful to be here and happy to be doing something I love and cherish. As I look back through my life I have realized that we each have a purpose and how we handle that purpose is vital. I challenge you all to find your purpose and expand, help to better lives, better yourself and don’t settle for less. It’s my birthday and I am excited and fired up and ready to go! Training is going well and I am taking my blessings one day at a time. This year I am leaving it to The Lord! It’s not what Mary wants its what he wants for me. So stay tuned, next meet up is January 26 and a couple of meets before Indoor nationals. Remember strive for the best and make the most of your New Year!
-Mrs. W

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