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Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 9:44am EST

I'm a new Mom, I work full-time, and I am an avid runner/racer. I blog about my training, racing, my child (born 10/15/10), and dealing with all the changes/challenges that come in life post-pregnancy.

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This week my running took a turn for the better. I'm finally starting to feel fresh and I had one of the best 4x2 mile session I've ever had. My mileage peaked back up to 85, and I got the sleep I needed and the nutrition. I'm finally starting to feel fresh on my morning runs and my legs are not throbbing when I'm sitting or when I go too long between meals.

Honestly, running is an amazing hobby to look forward to everyday, and I'm so glad I'm good at it, but its not worth being fatigued in all other aspects of my life. Frying myself last fall left me beat up,  lethargic, moody, cramping, sore, and slow. It got a little out of hand, and therefore I'm glad the Fall turned out like it did. I learned another valuable lesson - you can't will your body into shape when it resents you. If you don't listen to the warning signs, it will eventually shut you down.

I spent about half of last year surviving on 6 hrs of sleep and paying zero attention to my eating habits. In a country so consumed with calories and diets, I really just wanted to believe that none of that mattered. Once again, I was mistaken. You can get away with less than optimal eating habits for awhile, but it will always come back around. Starve yourself of the basic nutrients you need, and you will suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, though I am trying harder in the recovery, eating, and sleeping part of my life, I've still had what I consider to be the chest cold of death. The awful thing has stuck around for nearly three weeks, and cost me a few good sessions and a day off from running the week prior. Ironic, maybe, but part of life living with a two year old in day care - you get everything.

For someone that claims to hate doubles, I've ran twice three days this week. I plan to keep up this trend (1-3 times each week depending on the mileage goals) because it actually helped me recover much better between the hard days. Most weekday mornings I typically get 11-13 miles, but the length of those runs is still difficult for the body, especially when I've got to get up at 4:15 to get that kind of mileage in. If found that I can easily get 6-7 miles in my lunch break without it interfering with my work. Also, the lunch time run helps with productivity in the afternoon, major plus!

As for the racing plans. My first half is Mercedes. It probably going to be well short of amazing, but it will be a start to whatever running brings my way this year. Regardless, I'm going to enjoy it, one stride at a time.

happy running.


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