MacKenzie Hill: Working through another tough week!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 12:01pm EDT

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Hey everyone,

The 1st thing I would like to do is give my brother a S/O today is his BiRtHdAy!! Happy BiRtHdAy GREGORY love you!!!

Man this week has been TOUGH!!  Today I was so tired from training I couldn’t move! I passed the point of soreness and was just on E. But did that mean my coach was going to take it easy on me UMM NO!! She still had me go out there and run like it was Monday and not FRIDAY!! I was a little off on my times but she said it was still good work, and over all I had a GREAT week.. But man I just can’t even explain how I was feeling I wish there was more to give but I didn’t have anything in my tank.  But as my training partner said “we put more money in the bank, so when it counts well be READY”.  So this week, all in all was extremely productive and tomorrow I will be in the ice bath.  I have the weekend off so I will just relax, hang with my family, and go to the movies to see PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN, yes I said the movies I am human lol.  Its not all track and no play, the movies relax me :-) , so I will be ready to go on Monday!!

xoxo MacKenzie

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