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I've been so tired in the evening and early mornings that I thought it might be a good idea to split my workout in half and#40;half in the am and half in the pmand#41; to see if it helped my energy levels throughout the day. For about two days I think I felt pretty good...then my body realized what I was doing.M- 20 min progression run/ 38 min runT- 35 min run/ 30 min bike w/ pick upsW-35 min run/ 25 min runTH- 30min run am/30 min run pmFriday- Off. The double running was a failed experiment and I woke up so tired Friday morning that I promised myself no physical activity all day.andnbsp;Saturday - 10 miles @ 8:30 pace. No walk breaks. Pelvis muscles are going to ache tomorrow. Took a two hour nap to recover.Sunday - 5 miles recovery, did power walk a good portion of the first two to warm up my lower half. I can actually walk pretty fast, 13:30 per mile! Soon I will be walking faster than I can run...I still ended up with nearly 40 miles this week! I didn't realize I was still running that m [Read More]

published May 26, 2014 at 8:23am EDT


Monday: 51 min run and#40;mostly waddling here, I suffered, getting ligament pain like last time, had to take a lot of walking breaks, this loop normally only takes 45 minutesand#41;Tuesday: 55 min total, ran with Kelly for the first 32 minutes of her warmup. Her warmup was almost too fast for me, I was pretty much done by the time we parted ways. Had to take a break before continuing on. Started to feel very pregnant.Wednesday: 58 min waddle/jog. Worse ligament pain than Monday! Same loop + 7 minutes on Monday's time...and Monday was 6 minutes slower than usual! Think I'm going to need to break down and buy a support belt!Thursday: 50 min w/ 3x3min pickups. Less discomfort and much better weather. Did this mini session after traveling to Kentucky with family to watch the SEC Outdoor Meet. My pickups may not be faster than my easy run pace when not pregnant but at least I'm out there and attempting to move forward.Friday: 10 min run and 50 min elliptical. Watched Suits while working out in [Read More]

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I was in the middle of a week of chaos, extreme fatigue, and a lot of work. To top it off, my husband left for Penn Relays early, meaning I was once again in single parent mode. I was tired....no, I was exhausted. I kept praying for Friday night, knowing that the weekend brought a much needed long run with friends and added rest. When I am pregnant I really REALLY appreciate the weekends.And then I had a moment.I was in my car, just having dropped Maddy off at daycare and almost to work. I was in the far left lane getting ready for the turn, when someone pulled out right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and pushed back hard on my seat and#40;like it was going to helpand#41; but I couldn't stop fast enough.BANG. We hit. My car their car........quiet....I didn't know what to do, my heart racing. Eventually we both pulled off the road, called the police, did the whole report thing. I was standing there, 5.5 months pregnant thinking about how messed up my day was going to be now..... not [Read More]

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Iandrsquo;m back. Like a zillion other people who were here when the shit hit the fan last year, Iandrsquo;m here, in Boston. We all make conversation. We try to decipher how our experience lines up with the person whom we just asked, andldquo;how does it feel to be back?andrdquo; People talk about how strong we all are, and how the runners will take back Boston Marathon. How they feel determined. Emotional. Ready. I feel something else. Every time I get near the finish line, I get nauseous. A tightness forms between my chest and my throat. Mental white noise makes it difficult to follow the conversation. My bodyandrsquo;s motion feels heavier and thicker, and I have to resist the urge to sit on the curb for a few minutes. I never even saw the bombs but I heard them. Extrapolated. I canandrsquo;t imagine what the others feel. All I have are peopleandrsquo;s words. Sometimes itandrsquo;s hard to know if what people are saying is what they feel, or what they want to feel. Either way, itandrsquo;s pret [Read More]

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Columbus Pilgrimage Half: 1:36:57, 4th female overall and#40;1st AGand#41;and#40;Officially 1:37 something, had to stop to peeand#41; 7:24 paceRunning a race while pregnant was a bucket list item I never had the chance to cross off with Maddy. I was sick, lightheaded and short of breath the whole time with my first, making running much more difficult. Even though I ran the whole way through with my first, my runs were shorter and slower and I pretty much started from square one post-partum. I really want this time to be different.My first trimester with baby #2 I really suffered. Once I hit 6 weeks I was sick round the clock. It was a battle to finish most runs, not only because I felt so terrible, but also because I lacked motivation. I found that most runs done solo were usually cut short or slower than normal. As a result, I did everything I could to run with my friends.For the first 15 weeks I made it through morning runs by stuffing a handful of jolly rancher candies in my pocket. As soon [Read More]

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I havenandrsquo;t written in a while, and I blame that mainly on this ridiculous winter weandrsquo;re in the midst of. Iandrsquo;d like to say nearing the end of, but when I said that last year, winter went till May. I have never experienced anything quite like this one, so I will not declare itandrsquo;s over until every last bit of snow is melted away. And even then, anythingandrsquo;s possible in the Midwest. Seriously. Anyway, the weather has, at times, clouded my judgment and made me want to curl up in a ball on my couch all day long. Training has been less than ideal, but great meals and fun times with friends and family is at andndash; dare I say it andndash; an all-time high. And that, combined with my great love and#40;you might say obsessionand#41; of the Olympics, has gotten me to this point in the year with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. and#40;thank God, because there is little warmth to be found ANYWHERE else!and#41; I feel like I manage to become a little more enamored with/capt [Read More]

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