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USA Swimming Olympic Trials

Date: June 25 - July 2, 2012

Venue: CenturyLink Center

United States of America

The Olympic Trials for swimming is taking place June 25th-July 2nd at the  CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.




Monday, June 25

Men's 400m IM

Women's 100m Fly

Men's 400m Free

Women's 400m IM

Men's 100m Breast 



Monday, June 25

Men's 400m IM - Final

Women's 100m Fly - Semifinal
Men's 400m Free - Final
Women's 400m IM - Final
Men's 100m Breast - Semifinal



Tuesday, June 26

Women's 100m Back

Men's 200m Free

Women's 100m Breast

Men's 100m Back

Women's 400m Free 





Tuesday, June 26

Women's 100m Fly - Final

Men's 200m Free - Semifinal

Women's 100m Breast - Semifinal

Men's 100m Breast - Final

Women's 400m Free - Final

Men's 100m Back - Semifinal

Women's 100m Back - Semifinal



Wednesday, June 27

Women's 200m Free

Men's 200m Fly

Women's 200m IM







Wednesday, June 27

Women's 200m Free - Semifinal

Men's 200m Free - Final

Women's 100m Back - Final

Men's 100m Back - Final

Women's 100m Breast - Final

Men's 200m Fly - Semifinal

Women's 200m IM -- Semifinal



Thursday, June 28

Men's 100m Free

Women's 200m Fly

Men's 200m Breast 






Thursday, June 28

Men's 100m Free - Semifinal

Women's 200m Free - Final

Men's 200m Fly - Final

Women's 200m Fly - Semifinal

Men's 200m Breast - Semifinal

Women's 200m IM - Final 



Friday, June 29

Women's 100m Free

Men's 200m Back

Women's 200m Breast

Men's 200m IM 

Friday, June 29

Men's 200m Breast - Final

Women's 100m Free - Semifinal

Men's 200m Back - Semifinal

Women's 200m Fly - Final

Men's 100m Free - Final

Women's 200m Breast - Semifinal

Men's 200m IM - Semifinals

Saturday, June 30

Men's 50m Free

Women's 800m Free

Men's 100m Fly

Women's 200m Back

Saturday, June 30

Men's 50m Free - Semifinal

Women's 200m Breast - Final

Men's 200m Back - Final

Women's 200m Back - Semifinal

Men's 200m IM - Final

Women's 100m Free - Final

Men's 100m Fly - Semifinal 


Sunday, July 1

Women's 50m Free

Men's 1500m Free





Sunday, July 1

Women's 200m Back - Final

Men's 100m Fly - Final

Women's 800m Free - Final

Men's 50m Free - Final

Women's 50m Free - Semifinal 



Monday, July 2

No Preliminaries 


Monday, July 2

Women's 50m Free - Final

Men's 1500m Free - Final 

A list of qualified athletes can be found HERE (PDF).

Tickets are on sale now.

For additional information, check THIS out.

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