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The Memorial Championship

Date: February 29 - March 3, 2012

Venue: Vista del Camino Park

United States of America


The disc golf Memorial Championship is taking place February 29th through March 3rd at the Vista del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Wednesday, Feb 29th

7:30am- First Round (pro @ VDC; amateur at FH)

Thursday, March 1st

7:30am- Second Round (pro @ FH; amateur @ VDC)

Friday, March 2nd

7:30am- Third Round (pro @ VDC; amateur @ FH-final round)

Saturday, March 3rd

7:30am- Final Round (pro @ FH-lead group tees off at 2:10pm)

1pm-5pm- The Memorial Experience Zone

5:30pm- Awards Ceremony

7pm- The Memorial Experience Concert

Sunday, March 4th

TBA- Memorial Hangover Scramble Golf Tournement ($50 entry fee)


Learn a little bit more about the athletes set to compete HERE.

For all other information visit The Memorial Championship.

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