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Our Female Professional Athlete Directory is a database of female athletes and their presence on the web, making it easier for their fans to follow them. We currently have over 500 athletes listed and are adding more every day. If we've missed someone or you know of additional links for anyone already on the list, please send an email to stephanie@womentalksports.com.

NEW! Online Edition of 100 Trailblazers: Great Women Athletes Who Opened Doors for Future Generations

We are honored to announce the online edition of 100 Trailblazers: Great Women Athletes Who Opened Doors for Future Generations, extensive profiles of over 100 women who were pioneers in women's sports, written by Dr. Richard Lapchick and his students Sara Jane Baker, Jessica Bartter, Catherine Lahey, Stacy Martin-Tenney, Horacio Ruiz and Ryan Sleeper at the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program in the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida.

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2011, a new set of Dr. Lapchick's students (Christopher Sarpy, Anna Florzak, Taunita Stephenson and Elizabeth Schulz) entered the text of each trailblazer's chapter as part of a complete and current online profile, all housed on WomenTalkSports.com, with the intention of creating a modern and malleable resource for those interested in the history of women in sports.

We are so grateful to have worked with Dr. Lapchick and his prestigious program and impressive scholars. We look forward to expanding this resource as time goes on as not only a directory of people but also a timeline of events in women's sports history.

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