Sarah Plummer: Soccer

 Plummer was an international soccer and Australian rules football player and current micro business owner.

Sarah's Women Talk Sports Profile

Website: http://www.sempersarah.com/

Sarah Plummer, frequenly called "Semper Sarah," competed internationally in soccer and Australian rules football. She was captain of the CISM, known as the Military Olympics. She also competed at the North American level at Gaelic Football and Camogie.

Plummer explains that her "background includes a fair share of (ahem) circumstances." She has been hit by a car, moved over 30 times, visited over 40 countries, broken both legs and arms, struck by lightening, deployed to Iraq twice, had a breast tumor and is a Military Sextual Trauma (MST) survivor.

Off the field she served in the Marine Corps, volunteered in the Middle East, Europe and US. Plummer is a speaker, a health coach, an author, a certified yoga teacher and an advocate for non-profits. She is the founder and owner of micro business, Semper Sarah.