Holly Lawson : Boxing

 Lawson is a professional boxer.

Welterweight Holly “Lil Bear” Lawson was born in British Columbia, Canada. Her early years were spent on a reservation with children from the Coast Salish Tribe. Given the middle name Miesha from her mother, and her famous fighting name was established, since Miesha means “Little Bear.”

After graduating high school, she decided to travel and lived in Mexico, England and Saint Lucia. After traveling the world for a few years, she moved to Los Angeles and began a diverse career in art and music.  In 2005, after attending a boxing class for personal exercise, Holly fell in love with the sport.

She had her first amateur fight for the California State Golden Gloves in 2010 and won by unanimous decision. Since that first win, Lawson has established a large local fan base and has some notable fans such as World Champion Bernard Hopkins, and as well as gym mates Manny Pacquiao and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. One of Holly’s inspirations is boxing champ Lucia Rijker, who also fought out of the same world famous Wildcard Boxing Club that Holly has trained since 2007.

In the past two years, Holly “Lil Bear” Lawson’s fresh face has came onto the boxing scene where her pounding punch is getting recognition in this new era of women’s boxing.

 In the future, Lawson sees herself as an ambassador for women’s boxing, where she is the voice of equal opportunity and exposure for women’s boxing, as well as women increasing their skill set in the sport. Her goals include owning her own athletic apparel line, creating a scholarship for female athletes, and opening abuse centers for the millions of women and children that have been victimized. She has been able to assemble a great team behind her and with her drive and dedication and wants to mentor young girls so that they can be empowered to succeed.